Creating a carbon-neutral future, one employee at a time.

I have
That's pounds of carbon per month.

Businesses are the greatest net producers of harmful carbon emissions.
Here's how we're working to change that.

We’ve built a scientifically-validated, turnkey platform, to enable forward-thinking companies the ability to offer carbon offsets as an employee benefit.

How It Works
Just provide a few simple details, and we'll calculate your carbon footprint. Pick a plan, and we'll handle the rest!

Bonus: Early signups get a Carbon Off certification badge and custom landing page to use for marketing!

Scientific partnerships establish trust and ensure that validated, effective offsets are met and executed.

Participating companies can publicly take a stand against climate change, attracting employees and customers who care about the planet.

If just half of the full time US workforce offset their carbon footprint, we could achieve a ~20% net reduction of total US carbon emissions.

Get to Know Carbon Off

Why Carbon Off?

(In a nutshell)


Environmental Impact

An immediate and easy way for you to take meaningful action on climate change.


Employee Benefit

A low-cost benefit to show employees and prospects you care about the planet, and our impact on it.


Exclusive Job Board

As a member of Carbon Off you receive access to an exclusive job board for candidates interested in working with companies that have demonstrated they care about the environment. (Launching soon!)


ESG Communications

You'll regularly receive easy-to-share updates about the projects your supporting through Carbon Off detailing their environmental impacts and numerous other co-benefits.

Featured Projects

These are a few of the initiatives we've invested in to provide offsets.

WWF Mamize Cookstoves

This project replaced open fire pits and mud stoves with more efficient wood burning stoves.

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Sipansihaporas Hydropower

The project generates renewable electricity by harnessing the power of flowing water.

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Kariba REDD+

The project protects 784,987 hectares of forests and wildlife on the southern shores of Lake Kariba.

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Kalasin Wastewater Treatment

The project captures biogas from wastewater in a starch plant in the Kalasin region in Northeastern Thailand.

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Guanyin Wind Farm

The project reduces Taiwan’s reliance on fossil fuels, which comprise over 75% of the country’s total installed electricity capacity.

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Virunga Mountain Gorilla Cookstoves

Delivering efficient cookstoves to communities within the habitat of 50% of the last remaining 880 mountain gorillas.

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