Gold Standard


This project reduces Taiwan’s reliance on fossil fuels, which comprise over 75% of the country’s total installed electricity capacity, by generating clean and renewable wind energy as a replacement for fossil fuels.

Our Take

This project helps the planet in the short term by immediately replacing energy produced by fossil fuels, and their subsequent CO2 emissions, with clean wind energy. It also increases long term adoption of renewable energy and helps bring down the costs of both the energy and infrastructure to generate more of it in the future.


The Guanyin wind farm supplies clean renewable energy whilst avoiding negative environmental and health impacts. It reduces Taiwan’s dependence on fossil fuel imports, strengthens its economic sustainability and contributes to the development of the wind sector in Taiwan.

The project provides socioeconomic and environmental benefits locally and nationally. In addition to generating positive impacts on the global climate, this project is engaged in several nature preserving activities such as regular cleaning of beaches from waste and debris, and guided tours to raise awareness of climate change, pollution and other environmental issues. The project owner organises employee training with topics surrounding technical, environmental/safety code, and operational/maintenance procedures.


This project increases adoption of clean renewable energy (7) and created 13 permanent jobs (8).