After hundreds of conversations with entrepreneurs, executives, and HR leaders, a few things became increasingly clear:

In addition to business leaders, a rapidly growing number of employees and prospects care deeply about their personal and organizational impact on the environment.

Acting on a problem as big as climate change feels impossible, and while they’d like to contribute meaningfully their options are overwhelming in number and underwhelming in terms of impact.

It quickly became apparent that there is an opportunity to empower businesses, the greatest emitters of carbon and other greenhouse gasses, to take meaningful action in changing course.

Like other benefits companies often provide, from insurance to retirement contributions, if even half of the full-time US workforce offset their carbon footprints we could achieve a ~20% net reduction of total US carbon emissions.

Beyond the immediate benefits, investment in markets, movements, and technologies for removing and controlling carbon may be one of our best chances to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. You can read more on that in our manifesto.

Still, we know carbon offsets are only a part of the answer. It is imperative that each of us do everything we can to curb climate change, including:

Join us in doing all we can to preserve the planet for all who live on it.